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The Sycamore Youth Volleyball Club has teams from grades 3rd to 8th for boys and girls. Our program is designed to provide young athletes an understanding of the game and respect for the rules. We offer instructional teams for all levels and teach the foundational skills to advanced techniques required to pursue the next levels of play.
Teams will play in 10 matches and a single elimination tournament at the end of the league season. Matches will be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Athletes will be assigned to teams of 9-10 after volleyball evaluations. Team assignments will be communicated before the first practices begin.
Teams will be coached by parent volunteers. Parents, please consider supporting the program by volunteering to coach! Training for parent coaches will be provided prior to the first practice.

Fall 2024 Athletic Team Tryout Results

6th Grade Gold (A)
CiCi Berge, Stella Busdeker, Emy Gennett, Katelyn Minar, Kayla Moeddel, Wren Schultz, Colbie Seal, Kathryn Vincent, Gracie Gennett, Kate Whitmer

6th Grade Green (B)
Maggie Diesel, Elyse Grause, Izzy Hagen, Evelyn Hauser, Mia Hoffman, Naomi Ilouz,
Nicole Kindberg, Kara Recker, Ellie Sun, Emily Willshaw

5th Grade Gold (A)
Nora Jacob, Allison James, Micaiyah Johnson, Kori Gennett, Delfina Korte, Allison Mueller, Emy Sedgwick, Ellie Severson, Hannah Smith

5th Grade Green (B)
Savannah Allen, Emma Brown, Natalie Carter, Penny Degenhardt, Luna Elgie, Avani Mathur, Victoria Peri, Avery Price, Natalie Woeste

4th Grade Gold (A)
Eleanor Allison, Hazel Conkle, Adrienne Frasure, Josie Forcum, Kate Holdt, Madilyn Hubbard, Meg Johnson, Jocelyn Kibler, Piper Nicholson, Charlotte Stanley

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